About Us

The Dieken Group

We help leaders elevate their presence and influence with integrity in an era of executive musical chairs, culture-changing mergers and acquisitions, and rumor-mill-inducing restructuring. No matter the conditions, our clients gain respect, earn long-term respect for their leadership, and expand profitable growth and bottom-line results.

We believe in non-manipulative, lasting leadership influence. We eschew the traditional grab bag of hooks, lines, and sinkers. Instead, we are driven by the discipline and rigor of our strategic plans, which includes influence processes, benchmarking tools, development programs, consulting, keynotes, and executive coaching designed for the modern world.

Best known for our Influence Your World®, Present to Win®, and Own Your Presence® programs, we create consistent leadership influence processes that elevate the people and cultural conditions throughout organizations.

We understand the challenges and issues facing leaders in virtually every major industry, from manufacturing and consumer goods to finance and technology. We’re honored that prestigious organizations turn to us for leadership development. Our client list includes many Fortune 500 industrials and Fortune 100 financial, technology, and commercial banking firms.

To our clients — you make us better every day with every consulting assignment, coaching session, keynote, and workshop. We listen to your commendations and critiques and continue to evolve so we can deliver exceptional experiences based on your thoughtful feedback. We are proud to serve you.