The Dieken Group

We help leaders elevate their presence and influence with integrity in an era of executive musical chairs, culture-changing mergers and acquisitions, and rumor-mill-inducing restructuring. No matter the conditions, our clients gain respect, earn long-term respect for their leadership, and expand profitable growth and bottom-line results.

We believe in non-manipulative, lasting leadership influence. We eschew the traditional grab bag of hooks, lines, and sinkers. Instead, we are driven by the discipline and rigor of our strategic plans, which includes influence processes, benchmarking tools, development programs, consulting, keynotes, and executive coaching designed for the modern world.

Best known for our Influence Your World®, Present to Win®, and Own Your Presence® programs, we create consistent leadership influence processes that elevate the people and cultural conditions throughout organizations.

We understand the challenges and issues facing leaders in virtually every major industry, from manufacturing and consumer goods to finance and technology. We’re honored that prestigious organizations turn to us for leadership development. Our client list includes many Fortune 500 industrials and Fortune 100 financial, technology, and commercial banking firms.

To our clients — you make us better every day with every consulting assignment, coaching session, keynote, and workshop. We listen to your commendations and critiques and continue to evolve so we can deliver exceptional experiences based on your thoughtful feedback. We are proud to serve you.

About Our Founder

connie-headshotConnie Dieken has brought significant success to senior leaders around the globe. A thought leader in the field of modern influence and presence, she’s a trusted advisor to senior executives, a best-selling business author, and a frequent keynote speaker at major conferences and corporate meetings. She’s also a bit of a sleuth. Connie believes deeply that there is always a specific, identifiable reason why people gain and lose influence, and she makes it her business to find that reason and use it to every client’s advantage. That’s where her “sleuthiness” really kicks in — and why she developed The Influence Test. She wants to help you hone the influence skills you already have, develop new ones you didn’t realize you needed, and fit them together in a repeatable process. Connie’s processes are built on reality, not theory. She’s a whiz at identifying what causes leaders to gain and lose influence. She’s helped Fortune 100 boards of directors select new CEOs who inspire top performance and bottom-line results, helped senior leaders overcome major resistance to ascend to coveted CEO roles, guided countless executives to influence complex decisions that drive profitable growth, and even coached a stage-frightened rocket scientist to design, develop, and deliver a mind-changing speech that forever altered his field. Before starting the firm in 2000, Connie spent many years as a journalist. She earned a boatload of Emmy Awards and Telly Awards, which, in addition to being shiny objects, show the power of asking insightful questions that drill to the core of issues and produce intelligent results. Her broadcasting career started in the era of big hair and bigger shoulder pads. Luckily, that cultural phase was in the rearview mirror by the time she was inducted into the Radio & Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. She has since sworn off big hair and doesn’t need shoulder pads to tackle the complexities of the corporate world.

How Can We Help You?

Keynote Speeches

Audiences have changed, and Connie is keenly aware of what it takes to energize and enlighten today’s groups. That’s why she delivers keynotes that combine powerful content with multi-media elements to stimulate both minds and growth. Her top-requested keynotes are:
  • Influence Your World: The New Rules to Influence Outcomes Regardless of Position or Power
  • Own Your Presence: How to Emerge as the Real Deal in Our Demanding, Distracted, Skeptical World
  • Present to Win: Stop Slide Deck Madness and Start Influencing Better Decisions and Ideal Outcomes
All keynotes are tailored to your specific needs and can blend any of these elements:
  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Communication
  • Executive Presence
  • Change
  • Presentation Strategies

Benchmarking Tools

Our tools can help you quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your influence and presence so that you can grow. Our powerful tools include:
  • The Influence Map®
  • Presentation Strategy Planner®
  • Content Creator Framework®
  • Delivery Roadmap®
  • Presence PinPointer®


Most people fail to influence because they routinely (and sometimes disastrously) neglect strategic preparation. That’s why we deliver workshops and leadership retreats with a pragmatic, laser-focused approach. We believe in real-world, practical application of strategic skills customized to your specific needs. Pronto. We help your attendees create carefully vetted, customized action plans that they begin implementing on the spot.


When it comes to leadership presence and influence, trial and error doesn’t cut it. Connie coaches senior executives worldwide to strengthen their influence. She brings clarity to what’s working, what’s not, and why. She’ll help you identify when and why you’re influential, what’s working for and against you, and how to elevate your influence with integrity in a demanding world as riddled with change and as competitive as ours is today.


The training field is evolving fast, and we want your organization to be in the driver’s seat. We help you take the next step by offering train-the-trainer certification so that select individuals from your organization can facilitate our programs. This process ensures that the high-leverage, high-integrity skills you learn from The Dieken Group continue producing long-lasting results.

Want to Learn More? Let’s Talk.

For more information on any of our services, reach out to The Dieken Group today. We’d be delighted to explore the ways our services will work for you.