Welcome to a more influential you

Welcome to a more influential you

After 18 years of research and 50,000 participants, our research has uncovered The Influence Equation—the three habits that cause you to gain (or lose) influence. Influence 360º is the world’s only validated instrument to help you assess your influence pattern. Once you know your equation, you’ll learn how to influence even the most difficult people, regardless of the conditions. Enjoy discovering a more influential YOU!

— Connie Dieken, Founder, The Dieken Group

Senior Executive Advisor, Researcher, Business Author

How Does It Work?


How do you connect with people? Whether you have the boldness to approach anyone or need a little courage to break the ice, connecting with people is always an opportunity to learn more about one another. No matter who it is, the key is to make a very memorable first impression.


How do you convey your message? Are you overly technical with audiences who don’t have your same knowledge, or possibly not enough? Conveying your message effectively begins with understanding who you are communicating with and shaping your conversation to resonate with them.


How can you convince another to take the action you want? Oftentimes, convincing another is an exchange of ideas, overcoming barriers to delivering your message. This transferral involves acknowledgement of the reality of your audience and understanding where your reality segments with theirs.

Become More Influential or display Your Influence

How influential are you? Knowing where you rank on the influence scale will highlight your strengths and help you to improve your influence profile.

Access New Resources to Help You Improve

Influence is a learnable skill. Once you understand where you score, filling the skill gap you need to be an influential communicator is a matter of what to do and practice.

Gain a Competitive Edge over Your Colleagues

Influence is the critical competitive advantage. In your business and life, effectively communicating your ideas requires overcoming the communication clutter around all of us.