How influential are you?

Are you ready to find out how deep your influence goes? The Influence Assessment takes less than 10 minutes, so be sure to consider your answers carefully and answer honestly, even if your answer makes you uncomfortable. Try not to answer with “middle of the road” or neutral answers unless they truly reflect you or how you feel.

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I am aware of what is going on around me in the office, I just tend to keep to myself. *
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You are in sales at XYZ Widget. You’re meeting with Pat, a prospective customer. Would this be an effective story to share with Pat? “We’re the #1 manufacturer of widgets. We’ll ship more than a million units to customers like you today.” *
When I need a big favor from someone, I ask for a small one first. *
How often have you been told that your face can appear angry or bored, even when you’re not, or that your voice sounds mad when you’re not? *
My ideas and opinions are often disregarded. *

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